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Competitive Program

The goal of our competitive program is to build well-rounded athletes. Our athletes develop a high level of fitness, flexibility, grace, stamina, confidence and pride in their club, their team and themselves. As members of a team, swimmers also learn about commitment, sportsmanship, communication, time management and goal setting. 

Our club is currently training teams in the following age categories:

  • 10 & Under

  • 11-12

  • 13-15

  • Junior

Competitive Teams Training Schedule

Training schedules are still being confirmed based on pool availability

11-12 Team
5:00-8:30pm CGAC
5:00-8:15pm CGAC
7:00-9:30am CGAC
10u Team
5:30-8:00pm CGAC
2:00-4:00pm Western
13-15 Grey Team
5:30-8:30pm CGAC
5:00-8:30pm CGAC
3:30-7:00pm CGAC
13-15 Blue Team
5:30-8:30pm CGAC
5:00-8:30pm CGAC
3:30-7:00pm CGAC
Junior Team
5:00-8:30pm CGAC
5:00-8:30pm CGAC
7:00-10:00am CGAC
Junior Duet
6:00 - 8:30pm
5:00 - 8:30pm
7:00 - 10:00am


Competitive swimmers have the opportunity to express interest in extra routines such as duet, solo or combo. These routine offerings are at the coach’s discretion based on pool time, scheduling, coach availability and suitability with other interested swimmer.


If interested for next season, please email

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